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Rachel Rosenberger
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Times Two
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Fowler, IN 47944
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We're a creative duo and production company based in Santiago de Chile and we've moved to Indiana. Our work blends a mixture of bold ideas, tailor made for delivering original content and compelling stories regardless of the platform. We love projects that are challenging, fun and edgy. For everything else, there is Fiverr.

Special skills, awards & equipment

Birdcage is a SAIFF´15´s (Santiago International Fashion Film Festival) Award-Winner short film in the Best National Fashion Film Category. Written and Directed by Cesare Serra and Carolina Sandoval & produced by Times Two.

Agreeable Damage will premiere at SANFIC 16 (2020). A film by Cesare Serra & Nick Postiglione and produced by TimesTwo.

“Quédate Conmigo” (Stay With Me) x Vice. Vice landed in 2018 in Chile and together with the national label Cazeria Cazador, the catacombs of the church of the sacramentinos were taken to make an avant-premiere of the short film created, directed & produced by Times Two.


  • ADVERTISING / MARKETING / PR - Advertising Agency
  • 2019: Saville Row - Wild Spirit
  • 2019: WOM - Run
  • 2018: Everlast
  • 2018: We Dance
  • 2018: Zoo York - Legado
  • ANIMATION - Animator
  • 2015: TOP- JAPAN
  • DIRECTOR - Director
  • 2015: Birdcage
  • 2018: Agreeable Damage
  • 2018: Stay With Me
  • SCRIPT - Writer
  • 2019: E-Girl

  • License: N/A