Z-49 Productions LLC
Hannon Mitch
Executive Producer
Z-49 Productions LLC
213 S Rogers St
Suite #7
Bloomington, IN 47401
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Z-49 Productions LLC is a small media production group based out of central Indiana. We offer a variety of services to meet an array of marketing requirements, from pre-production and planning through filming, editing, and other post-production needs. We also offer FAA-licensed aerial video, animation services and 360 Video to fit a variety of contexts and formats.


  • ANIMATION - Animator
  • 2016: Strength in Sharing (Conference Intro)
  • 2016: The Story of Spirit (360° Video)
  • 2015: Intelligence into Action (Conference Intro)
  • POST PRODUCTION - Post Production Companies & Editors
  • 2016: Rotary Better Together 2016 (Conference)
  • POST PRODUCTION - Visual Effects
  • 2016: The Good Catholic (Feature)
  • 2016: Elkhart Ed Talks (Web Series)
  • 2016: Service Project Y (Web Short)
  • 2015: Sensible Sentiments (TV)

  • License: N/A